Large size is certainly a point of weakness for a cargo-bike: many haven’t a place for it, others think that the effective usage of a cargo-bike is too much related to the transport of kids:

what will I do with a big bike like that when my kids will have grown?

The Fabriga Modula, folding modular bike is the answer: one core module and extensions of different size, for several layout configurations.


No matter what size, the bike keeps the manufacturer’s pedigree: it’s a folding bike and all the accessories are also foldable, like footrests, safe bars and bags.


Thanks to the modular design, the user can choose between different motors, including a non-e-bike bottom bracket. When the technology will evolve into new steps, Modula will be ready for quick and cheap updates.


Imagine to travel across Countries in your car or campervan or, even better, on a train, download your cargobike in a few seconds and start immediately enjoying riding with the whole family, shopping in the city centres, climbing mountain tracks or getting a sunbath along the seaside; this is just a sample of the versatility guaranteed by the exclusive design of the brand new Fabriga Modula.